I bought my daughter an airline ticket to come from Michigan to Arizona. I bought travel insurance through Allianz. Five days before she was to depart, she was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. She had sepsis and they had a problem stabilazing her. She is still hospitalized at this time almost 6 weeks later. I have faxed forms from Arizona to Michigan and had her physicians fill them out. I then faxed them to Allianz as requested. I believe I have faxed approximately 10 pages so far. I began filing papers with them on June 15th. I was told I had 90 days so I felt it was VERY timely. I have had to fax them a copy of the itinerary from Hot Wire and did that when requested on 6/25 (Ten days after receiving the papers filing the claim). I mean really, what does it take to get reimbursed for the airline ticket? I will NEVER purchase insurance through this insurance company again.

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