READ THIS “BEFORE”” purchasing this insurance – Absolutely 100% SCAM!!!Written on 7/20/2013….Long story short – after being delayed for 4 hours in Charlotte – my daughter’s flight was cancelled from Charlotte to Daytona Beach. U.S. Air booked her and others on a flight to Orlando. The US Air agent assured her that her baggage was on the Orlando flight.Once my daughter arrived in Orlando – the bags were not on the flight. My daughter now had to get from Orlando to Daytona. I made arrangements for someone to drive the 1 1/2 hours from Daytona to Orlando – and back again. Instead of getting in Daytona at 5:30pm – my daughter arrived at 1:00 AM – with NO LUGGAGE. My daughter missed a day of work

and the luggage finally arrived the next day.I took forever to finally get a hold of Alliianz. First called 20 minutes on hold – had to hang up

second call – 20 minutes on hold – hung up. Third call finally got through only to be told – “”given the circumstances – NOTHING would be covered. You can file a claim

but I can’t guarantee they will pay it.””The flight was delayed

then cancelled