Allied Service Center Company had vehicle for several weeks for simple repais. Cant get a straight answer. Tried to get $1000 from us for ECM repair, got agitated when we bought part ourselves and only paid them for labor. Diagnostic machine all of sudden generating various codes so we can pay for additinal repairs. Paid them $800 for new wires, not sure if the wiring is new because the Svc Advisor stated sensors are co-existing with the wiring. We feel defeated and robbed with no gun. I am a hard working government employee with 2 children. My hard earned money is valuable. This concludes my statement. Las Vegas Nevada!!. We initially took the vehicle in for wiring repairs back in September and was charged $800.00. Then the service advisor stated we needed an ECM which the repair would have cost $1100.00. My fiancee requested a breakdown of the cost and they wanted $90 for labor, $225 for ECM programming and $785 for the actual part. She located the pre-programmed part at autozone for $400 while on the phone with him and wanted to know why such a difference. After brief explanation we decided to purchase our own part and only pay them for labor. After our decision the service advisor entire demeanor changed from customer service oriented to very unpleasant. Once we received the part we took the vehicle back with the assurance the vehicle would pass smog with no problem. After the repair they called and said the vehicle was ready but still would not pass smog because of bad oxygen sensors. We left the vehicle there and authorized them to do additional repairs so we could pass smog. After the sensors they notified us stating their diagnostic was now saying we had bad o-rings and wanted additional money for more repairs. It clearly seem like they was taking us for a ride to recoup the cost they lost from us buying our own ECM unit. Finally they notified us to state that their technician could not figure out what was going on and that he could not fix the problem so they instructed us to pick up the vehicle despite not making the necessary repairs. So as of today we basically paid them almost $1500 for repairs and the car still cannot pass a smog exam. Im appalled because being a civil service employee if I treated my customers the way we were treated my superiors would be very displeased with my lack of performance and lack of honesty via our communication. I had to apologize to my family because I found them through google search and went with them without investigating their business practices. We feel like we were taken on a horrible ride that cost us $1500 with no end results.

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