Complaint: They overcharged me on a repair job when they raised the price after the original quote. I caught it after I had paid the bill & they would only give me an in-store credit. Several months later I brought my wife’s car in to use up the credit & they quoted me $300.00 for a brake job. They called after they started the job & said it was going to be $525.00 instead. we said ok, only because we had the in-store credit & need to use it up. When we went to pick the car up the bill was $583.00. We offered to pay the $525.00 but they would not accept it, said $583.00 or we could not have the car back. They had already given us the keys, so we told them we’d be back in the morning to settle up with the store manager. The service manager was a young hot-head and he maliciously called the police & filed grand theft charges against us & had us arrested. It cost us a night in jail $1,000 in bondsman’s fees, and $3350 in attorney’s fees to get the case dismissed and our records expunged, as well as 14 months. The store manager apologized to us the next morning & said it was a “miscommunication.”” & never should have happened. The fact is

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Address: this store raised prices after a firm quote on both of these jobs

Website: 2201 66th Street St. Petersburg, Florida U.S.A.

Phone: and used the leverage of keeping the vehicle unless we paid all or some of the overcharge. Ransom?? Daniel treasure island