Complaint: I reasonably went to an employee of AlliedBarton Security Services for help. I did not receive help. Instead, I received retaliation for when I asked reasonably for help, and received instead, an insult to my military service. It takes the strength and courage of a warrior to ask for help. What does it take for AlliedBarton Security Services to help-out this Warrior-Veteran-In-Need? At only 7% of USA, every one of us American Veterans are rare and precious. 20,440 American Veterans attempt suicide each year, year-after-year-after-year. 8,033 succeed. Year-after-year-after-year. That’s 22 American Veterans kill themselves each day because of a lack of getting the respect, help, and dignity earned, and safety, happiness and enjoyment of life constitutionally guaranteed. An American Veteran dead EACH 65 minutes.Hell has a special place reserved in it for AlliedBarton Security Services and its security guard Ben because AlliedBarton Security Services and Bendidn’t Stand Up and Help this American Veteran-in-Need who went reasonably to them for help. AlliedBarton Security Services contribute to why us American Veterans attempt suicide and commit suicide. I am under VA medical care for such. Never should American dollars be paid to anyone who contributes to US Veterans, and America’s soldiers’, suicide attempts or suicides.

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Address: 1005 Terminal Way, Suite 246 Reno, Nevada USA


Phone: 775.324.0328