I called the number on the website to get a quote on having a pool installed at my bosses home. After calling the number on the website, there was no answer. So I continued by search. About 15 minutes later a Jose Martinez contacted us from a alternate number. When he was put in voicemail b/c I was on the other line, he called right back and spoke to another lady in our office that sits by me. He was extremely rude and asked us “what is this even regarding””. We stated a pool

but b/c they didnt answer when we called the company

we had gone in another direction. She kindly and simply stated that the reason we went in a alternate direction is b/c our boss is picky and wanted to work with a professional business. He rudely replied “”We dont like working with picky people anyway”” and hung up on her. As a business professional I could not believe the way he spoke to a potential client. It also made me specualte that if they do not work with “”pciky”” clients who are investing over $100K to have them install a pool on thier property

they cant be good at what they do. I would highly NOT RECOMMEND working with this company. No one deserves to be spoken that way when seeking out someone to work at thier home or business.”

2622 Lone Oak Trail Kennesaw, Georgia USA