In Mid April 2013 I placed an order via ohone for Hermes (brand) glass items from this store. I mailed a check for $2400 ($2300 for items and $100 for insurance and shipping).Upon receipt of the items, I opened one whcih was damaged/ cracked.One This glass plate appeared o have been cracked in transit and it was very poorly wrapped (edges unwrapped – and this is wher the break took place)and had the broken remnants inside of it. I contacted the store to inquire about filing for insurance. The value of the piece was $225. The manager, Alessandra advised me that she would filf insurance and the details would be sent to me, as they were.I received the insurance instructions (from USPS by mail)which advised that I was required to have a photo of the plate before it was shipped and unbroken. I contacted the owner of the store who refused to send me these photos, was hostile and told me to leave them alone. I called and spoke with the manager a next time who apologetically told me that unfortunately she did not believe that photos were taken of these items as they were purchased from Neiman Marcus and Saks and came to them wrapped already. Without this photo, I was unable to file for insurance for thid damaged good, insurance which I paid for. I decided at that point that I should check the other items for damage as well becuase this smelled of a phone order scam. I did find a 2nd damaged tray (valued at $695).This one had no signs of having been damaged in transit as it was a smooth, clean break and no glass remnants inside.This item was damaged before it was shipped . I again contacted the manager who again apologized but said the owner would not let her replace the bowl even though they had one in the store and and again that these items were not photographed before being shipped. She also apologized and said that she would be quitting as she was in a bad place with this ownder doing bad business like this, in addition to being erratic and not complying with customer service rules. I finally received an email response from the store owner, Allison Garcia who advisd me in an email to buy a new tray from Neiman Marcus and return the damaged one that she sold to me. I commented that this was unethical and dispicable.After that and numerous calls and emails she refused to send me the photo of the initially broken one or make good on the one that was damaged prior to sending to me. The manager Alessandra has since quit and the few times I have called the store, the owner of the shop has hung up on me or advising that te store wa sgoing out of business so leave them alone. Most recently I received an email from her that read, SUE ME. I am at a loss here and hope that BBB can assist in getting some resolution in this matter. I am now in receip of $915 worth of damaged goods sold by this scam.

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