Allstate Motorclub Ripped me off, left me in an unsafe spot while they attempted to sort out billing with the tow truck that had pulled my car out Internet!!. Allstate motor club is the worst! I have had an account with Allstate for the last 10 years with the motor club added for 10+. I’ve only uused the towing services a handful of times in extreme situations. I was on hold each time for an extended period of time 30 minutes plus with a disabled vehicle before I even spoke with a computer. Then each time I was rerouted to several different channels and finally spoke to a person who had very poor English who in two instances called a tow truck more than an hour away from my location to help me when there were companies closer by to assist sooner. In the most recent even I was in Sanborville New Hamshire off the road in my fathers car on route 16 in a blizzard. A police officer and a tow truck came and got us back on the road but I couldn’t get Allstate to agree to pay them even though I had all the information. I wound up getting very frustrated and paying $190 out of my own pocket for a service that should have been free of charge through my roadside policy. Canceling my service as soon as I get my money back and taking my bussiness elsewhere!!

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