Complaint: Oh where to begin. Ok, first, we found a truck we liked at the Wisconsin dealership. Sent in a request for more info via their website. Got calls from 2 different people the next day from Allstate Peterbilt. One of the guys didn’t know anything about the truck and not really interested in finding out for us. So we went with the other guy. We liked what we heard so we decided to go up and buy it. Well, then the salesman said that it had to be taken up to the Minnesota dealership and the paperwork handled there. Which was another hour and a half farther for us to drive but they said that’s where the salesman was. We thought that was a bit backwards but just accepted the oddness. We get there and start going thru the paperwork and they offered us the warranty to purchase. We really didn’t have it to spare and they wouldn’t add it into the loan, so we passed with the salesman saying the truck is in good shape. Yeah we should have gotten it, but it doesn’t discount what happened next. So everything is signed, we leave and get home. Took them over a week to send the title so we could get the truck registered. Then on the way to pick up the first load with the truck the truck breaks down. We call the salesman and he pretty much said it was our problem. So my husband told him he’d just give the POS back to them. The salesman then came back with a credit at any of their shops to get it fixed, saying we shouldn’t have to pay. After the truck was fixed, a week later, and he was back out on the road, we were told it was actually a Line of Credit that was due 100% within 30 days. Nearly $6000.00 after being down almost 3 weeks. Well, we couldn’t pay that, and had never agreed to it. When we called the salesman he said he’d never heard of such a thing as a line of credit for 30 days. Also spoke to the lady from finance and she said the same, saying she would check into it and call us back. She never called back. We were behind a bit on the first couple on payments due to other things having to be fixed and being down. So we finally got all caught up and paying on time. But the shop keeps calling wanting to get paid for the work done. Well, we told them to cool it because it was supposed to be a credit, not a line of credit and we have the message from the salesman to prove it. Well then they started calling 2-3 times a day, never leaving a message, and calling the company we leased the truck on to. I emailed her saying not to call the company any more and to stop calling my phone, that I wanted everything done via email so that we would have a paper trail. Well that sure blistered her butt! She called again, leaving a voice mail finally and said there now were problems with the truck loan and the shop credit. And that if we didn’t CALL her by noon tomorrow that she was going to “move forward as I see fit””. And that’s where we are now. She refuses to tell us in writing what the problems are saying that we have to answer our phone and have a conversation with her. Yeah….no we dont. We are and always have responded to her. Just now not the way she demands. We now know that Wisconsin has a lemon law

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Address: and Minnesota does not. Seems that’s the reason they moved it to Minnesota. So in closing


Phone: I will not EVER recommend buying a used truck from Allstate Peterbilt. They will screw you if given the chance.”