ALPHA ARMENO la car repo Total criminal enterprise winnetka Internet!!. On OCT 15th 2019 i spoke to SAL THE PAL of ALPHA ARMENO car dealership,i explained i need a teuck by tommorow because I was missing work,I live in Long Beach which is 60 miles from the dealership,he offered a shuttle to come pick me up and said 1400$ down would be all I needed to drive away today. When 3 hours later my “shuttle” showed up it was a kid in a beat up Mustang who had no idea how to drive,after 30seconds in the car i said “Either drive safely or let me out” it took 2 hours to drive back to dealer,I first noticed a problem when all the cars I saw online were not even there,I settled on a 2002 TAHOE,which was filthy,not detailed,I started the truck,It ran ok seemed legit.I went into the office and handed the salesman(shuttle driver) 1400$ CASH it was almost 8PM I signed all the paper work he handed me the keys we settled on 280$ a month starting on NOV15TH,just as I was walking

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