Terrible Service

Trusting Alpha Financial Advisors was a huge mistake for me. Those people are greedy and only care about their income. They suggest investments which make them the most money, instead of the ones which match their clients’ financial goals. You should stay miles away from such financial advisors. Because of my experience with those people, I don’t think I would be able to trust any finance professional in the future. They are mischievous and misleading. 

Alpha Financial Advisors make big claims about their services and how they put ‘clients interest first’ but they are lying. Those people don’t care about their clients at all. In my experience, the people at Alpha Financial Advisors are selfish and greedy. The advisors at this place are too concerned with their earnings rather than their client’s growth. I have noticed it happen frequently and I have even tried to tell them about it. However, those people never listen to any kind of criticism. It’s annoying. Alpha Financial Advisors are based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their address is 11325 N Community House Rd #410, Charlotte, NC 28277. Beware of them. 

As a client, I expect my wealth advisor to listen to me and suggest investments that match my financial goals. However, I have noticed that they don’t act in this manner. No, instead of focusing on their client’s goals, they focus on their personal gains. Their priority is making money, not theri client. You would think a professional team of financial advisors would offer genuine advice to you but that’s not the case here. The people at this firm have only one thing in their mind – their income. 

If they keep up this behaviour, I don’t think they will attract many clients in the future. These people are very mischievous and misleading. At first, they make it seem like they care about you and your finances. They would act as if they are your biggest benefactor and there’s no one on the planet who cares more about your wealth than them. However, they would only suggest investments which would make them the highest commissions (or percentage, I don’t know). Like I said before, their sole priority is making the most money. These people are professionals. They know how to manipulate people into believing what they want them to believe.

I noticed it happened to me. It’s just that I know some people who are in finance and I was discussing my investments with them. They are my friends and they told me that my investments didn’t match my goals at all. When I told my friends that I had made those investments on the suggestions of my financial advisors, they explained how I had become a victim of a scam. 

Now, I wouldn’t say Alpha Financial Advisors is a scam. Those people are certified finance professionals and they are a legal enterprise. But I would say that they are unethical and shady. Those people shouldn’t be trusted no matter what. The way they are deceiving their clients by selling them dreams, it’s not okay. The authorities should look into this. However, I have also heard that it’s a common practice among new financial advisors. Those people tend to focus more on their income rather than their clients’ finances. I don’t think I would be able to trust a wealth advisor in the future. My experience has been quite sour and I wouldn’t be able to trust one easily. 

Alpha Financial Advisors should start focusing more on their client’s personal goals. They should listen to what their clients have to say, instead of imposing their opinions on them. But most importantly, they shouldn’t manipulate their clients. It’s highly unethical. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend doing business with those people. 

I was very disappointed when I found out how these people were ripping me off. It’s one thing to lose money to an obvious scam, and it’s another to lose money to someone you trusted. I have tried to share my complaint with those people but like I said earlier, they never listen. It wouldn’t surprise me if none of them even remembered my complaints. They are too focused on making money for themselves that they have stopped caring about their clients and their finances. It’s very sad. 

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