Fake free trial bottle of a supplement.


My Complaint: They offer a free trial bottle of their product after you enter all your personal info and credit card info and your card is approved the terms and agreements switch the free bottle to a ten day trial then charge you $148 for a supplement but it does not tell you that you will be charged that fee anywhere else but the terms and agreements fine print it is false advertisement if they are producing a legit product then why do they hide the fact that they are going to charge $148 and make it loom to be a free trial bottle the customer service was shady as well this company is a fraud and do everything they can to hide the cost of their product in the terms and conditions page just to make it barely legal for them to hit you with a hidden fee.. Lesson here is always read the terms and conditions fully on products that you order online because companies like alpha limit prey on people not reading fine print and advertising a false trial period DONT ORDER ALPHA LIMIT!!! It is a rip off!!!!!


My Demand: To have to post their actual product cost on their advertisment or order page before you give them your credit card information