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AlpsSocial ( is a forex trading network that doubles up as a mentorship program. Alps Social is a bit different from your normal trading network, and we believe they are in the growth phase. From what we have seen, the trading network has the potential to become big with time. All that the creators have to do is come up with engaging marketing tactics. Although the platform’s location is in Singapore, we do not doubt its capabilities. Read this detailed ALPSSOCIAL Review for more.

AlpsSocial Review

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About AlpsSocial

Information is a little vague on what this platform is really after. We see crowdfunding and other services that are not related to forex. The entire website is professionally designed to produce an amazing entity. The platform also embeds social media handles for everyone to reach out to from what we can see. What will you get from signing up with this mentorship and trading network? You get a chance to interact with thousands of investors and traders all around the world.

AlpsSocial is providing users with a chat group where you can interact with other traders. Members also get the chance to see videos posted by other traders regarding their trading skills. And this makes the platform a fabulous place to learn more about trading. Ensure you sign up with the organized trading groups which offer relentless knowledge on trading. And once you grow, you get a reward for your growth. There are extra credits for those who sign up with the platform.

According to the homepage, there are about 7,000 entrepreneurs already signed up with the platform. With these numbers, it means we are dealing with a fully-fledged trading network. Users have the ability to start their channels and explore the many possible ways of making money. These channels are like YouTube channels, only that they are strictly for trading. Ad this is what makes Alps Social unique from other trading networks. The platform has a dedicated video channel for users to spread the gospel.

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Business services offered by the platform

Most of the business services are structured created for online businesses. An excellent example is using landing pages using the platform. Once you create landing pages using this channel, you have the ability to update your business content. The platform allows you to harness the full potential of online trading. Services you get from this platform include e-commerce solutions; Email marketing, Facebook Data marketing, and Google Search Ranking. Channel stores are categorized into private and public channels. You get the chance to save your videos for private use using this platform.

Creator of this trading network

Information on the actual people behind this platform remains a mystery. The Alps Network Company is the entity listed as the owner of this platform. According to their homepage, the platform is located in Singapore. After checking with the Company Registrar in Singapore, no such entity exists. And this is a red flag as users could be using an anonymous platform. Even though their services look legit, the anonymity casts a huge shadow. And this is one area the developers need to work on.

Criticism from various members

We do see some negative comments from different users around the world. Most of these comments are from users who could not get the attention they were looking for. After posting messages and videos, they were expecting an immediate response from the community. Some claim that the trading network does not exist and is a huge scam. The reason behind these statements is the lack of quick feedback and interaction from members. We do see some positive feedback from users who have learned from videos posted by other members.

Domain details of the platform

According to data from a trusted domain tool checker, their servers are indeed located in Singapore. The website has been in existence for over eleven years as it went live on 10th March 2009. There have been over 27 changes in their IP address over the past nine years. It goes to show that the developers have been updating the site since inception. And this means the security of the platform is in check. There is no way third party attacks can occur as the platform has DDoS protection.

Features of AlpsSocial

AlpsSocial Features

What you get from this platform is a marketplace to interact with online entrepreneurs. To get recognition for your brand, this forex mentorship program has the required links. You can create landing pages on this platform to help increase your market share. Other features include having a flexible ecosystem and media casting. A content management solution is what most online websites lack. And this platform will create engaging content for your trading network and business entity.

Is AlpsSocial licensed or registered?

AlpsSocial is yet to get any recognition from any regulatory body. We checked with regulators in Singapore and Asia. No regulator has given this platform the green light to operate. We are also concerned with the fact that the company is not registered. The lack of regulation puts your deposits at risk. There is no way to ensure that your transaction will be handled effectively. And this is a major concern based on the few negative comments we have seen. The safety of funds is a huge issue with non-licensed online trading entities.

Just with any online transaction process, the user wants to feel safe. The problem with this platform is that it lacks a money-back guarantee feature. Once you deposit funds for any services, there’s no guarantee of safety. The owners may send you a message claiming they have not received your funds. In case of such a scenario, there’s no way of recovering your funds.  No regulator will help you as you agreed with an unlicensed entity. Read their terms and conditions before committing any funds with them.

Pros and Cons of AlpsSocial

Accounts and subscriptions

AlpsSocial is operating weirdly, and you have to sign up to get their services. Before that, the homepage does not have any indication of a pricing structure within the website. And this is a problem for those who are joining it for the first time. In the leaderboard, where top traders are ranked, we do see a problem. Once you click on their profiles, you can’t be able to copy their trades. It means you won’t be able to verify these trades, which are a problem. These could be made-up profiles by the developer to fasten the sign-up process.

Contact and support

We also noticed that the platform has several social medial channels. You can reach out via Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages. On their contact page, users get a message board where they are to send their email. Once you do so, the team will get back at you at an unspecified time. And this is the reason why we have to be extra careful with the platform. The disclaimer has a phone number that we haven’t been able to get through. There’s a live chat tool that is only accessible by members.

Scam or Legit AlpsSocial

AlpsSocial Contact

AlpsSocial is a confusing platform whose purpose is not yet known. To chat with other traders, we recommend you sign up with their forums. Although there is little to no chatter on these groups, they are free. Other business solutions on their website have nothing to do with online trading.  The platform should work extra hard to provide traders with access to other traders. What we see is a platform whose main purpose is to provide information on online business solutions.

Bottom line

We don’t feel that the trading network platform is useful to anyone. And this is why we recommend other avenues as opposed to Alps Social.

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Our entire team wishes everyone a happy and successful trading experience.

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