Approached in SLC Ikea parking lot by a gentleman who said he was Italian and looking for directions to SLC aiirport. Then went on to say he was a manager for Alta Moda Italiana Emporio and returing to Italy and wanted to give me a sample of one of his leather jackets. He gave me his card which had a name of Luigi C. on it (I should have known from the cheap card this was a scam.) He continued to try to get me to buy a $900 jacket for $600 but I refused. He finally asked how much I had in cash and I said $60 and said he would sell me a $600 jacket for the $60. I fell for it. The jacket was PVC, and this scam has been operating elsewhere from what I can see on the internet. He drove a grey Nissan Rogue which should have also alerted me as it was not a rental car.