When you encounter a person like Alyssa Jackman run for the hills. She thrives on destruction and drama. She slept with so many people at her job no one wanted to even deal with her because she is so disgusting. As soon as this married man started working at her job she pounced like the desperate woman she is. She not only knew he was married but she knew he and his wife just had twins. She pursued him anyway. She would send her daughter to stay with her mother multiple nights a week so she could sleep with this man. She would send the man’s child gifts like a sick piece of crap she is. She would post on social media about her feelings for him just so his wife could see. His wife confronted her on several occasions and instead of facing her she would post on social media. Not that destroying this woman and her children’s life bothered her one bit. She doesn’t even take care for her own child but she thinks she could take care of someone else’s. All she does is party and drink, no responsibilities. She has no ambition in life besides being a parasite and sleeping around. She hides behind social media because she is a coward. How do you love yourself but you’re trying to force this man to leave his family. To be 37, dating a married man… what a great example of what not to be. She is a horrible human being. She puts things up on social media to taunt his wife so she could force them to spilt up. She wants to make everyone as unhappy as she is… she tries to keep him away from his kids in hopes that his kids will grow up without a father like her child. Karma will find this piece of trash and I hope she feels ten times more of what she has caused other people.