Me and my husband had been together since 2005. We got married in 2008, and have 2 kids together. He did a paper route which is where he met this girl. We had previous issues and she listened to him when he needed to vent. Well needless to say, they both took advantage of that and it went on for over a year before I found out. This girl ended up with my number somehow and would send me ridiculous text messages and start shit with me. When I found out it was her she would change her number then do it again, it was nonstop. Well then I found out he was still talking to her and we split for a while. When I came back to him she was then dating his Married brother! Who had been with his wife just about as long as me and my husband and have a kid together. She has no respect for somebody who is already taken. She just keeps pushing herself on these men and uses them for their money. Very materialistic. ||