She had a an affair with my husband on and off for a year .. she traded pictures and sex for lunches , coffee and money She is the secretary at his job … she was newly married at the time and said she needed the money cause she needed to get her nails done and pay her bills because her husband expected her to take care of her kids and her few bills he worked outta town a lot which Created opportunity for her to act this way . I was blind sided once I found out in complete shock … They would meet before work and at hotels all while my kids at times had to go without .. she is a liar and manipulater … and does not care who she hurts along the way … she try’s to turn it around on the wives of the men she does This with like you are jealous and makes up lies it’s all crazy .. I feel sorry for her husband .m as well as everyone else she has caused drama for along the way …she claims to be independent and says she doesn’t need anyone … but aren’t you depending on a man when you spread your legs for a living and depending on that person to give you that food , money etc … being independent is working your butt off your fingers to the bone to do what you need to for your kids and self and maybe have more faith in your spouse. She needs to have more self respect for herself ….she my husband and all the other men she does this with all deserve each other. Sorry ? guys this was the short quick version I just wanted to get her face out there I’m sick of her ruining people’s lives and not caring she never accepts responsibility…..