My husband and I have been married for just over two years. We have one beautiful daughter and another kid on the way. About a month ago on July 30, 2013 (my birthday) I found out that my husband has been having an affair with this girl for a couple months now. She herself left her husband for cheating on her. What a coincidence huh? The girl knows how it feels to be cheated on herself but yet she thinks its okay to get my husband to do it to me. The night I found out I confronted the girl and my husband and he had admitted to seeing her. He also admitted that once he would get done having sex with her he would come home to have sex with me. We have been separated now for a couple weeks and since then he has still been seeing that girl and yet still try’s to have sex with me. I haven’t given in until last night when he took my daughter and I to a hotel so we could go swimming and have a nice dinner together as a family. (I live with my sister and her kids now, he lives with his parents) well I found out this morning that while I was in the shower last night he called the girl to see what she was doing and to let her know how his day went. And first thing this morning after dropping us off he went and saw her. So I in rage texted the girl and told her to ask him where he was last night. I told her how we spent the night together and how we had had sex multiple times. Gosh it felt so damn good to tell her too. Just to piss her off. || But even after everything my husband has done to me I still love him so much. It’s been really hard for me to accept everything especially since he’s throwing away everything, our life and kids to be with her and her 2 kids. || My question though is do I move on or wait for him? Because why would he still come stay with us if he didn’t want to be with us? Or is he just keeping me around because he doesn’t want me to move on and be happy? Please give me some advice. I need some answers from a guy’s perspective too.