After seeing the craigslist ad for male and female corgi puppies on 8/3/2019 I e-mailed [email protected] to find out the price of the dogs. I was told that they had moved to Texas and are residing in an apartment that does not allow pets. So they’re just looking for a home for the dogs. They asked that whoever was interested would be willing to do a home visit, so they could "ensure the babies are going to a good home". After finding out that my husband and I live out of state our e-mail Was responded by "Berry Clinton" [email protected]with photos and more information on dogs. I was given the phone number 559-598-7205 as a personal contact for him.several e-mails were exchanged about inquiry of the dogs.Once they "chose us" for receiving the dogs, they arranged shipping from a local company.E-mail from Amarex Delivery [email protected] The shipping company provides two phone numbers 281-356-0253/ 409-263-2714e-mail signed by Jason Oliva "Amarex pet delivery Team"Manager name given at the bottom as Brandon Wambo*looking at the website it has no "team members" listed with either of those names most likely all of the names are a fabrication along with personal quotes to make the company seem more convincing.I received a second e-mail from [email protected] that states payment owed for shipping is $500 and to use following payment guidelines through Zelle:Email……….. [email protected]Name……………… AMAREX AMINReason For Payment?……. "REX and MOLLY"Amount……… $500I received a tracking code for the dogs along with dates and times for flight arrival & departure. However there was no airline listed.That evening I received a second e-mail stating that in order to ship (original owners did not provide a crate certified to be shipped in) we had to rent one with a 95% refundable fee, for both of the dog crates to fly through to California cost $980. The money was to be kept in case damage came to the crates while the dogs were flying. I was called repeatedly by a man saying I needed to pay or the dogs weren’t going to make their flight in time which would end in us having to pay more money to have them booked for another flight. This is intended to make you panic so you make a decision based off of an imaginary time restraint and not look too closely into the details. The next morning before their supposed flight from Colorado I received another e-mail along with a phone call *no voicemail was left and the company only called once and contacted only me not the number I provided for my husband. The second e-mail was easy to identify as fake, it claimed that in order for the pets to fly through Colorado they had to be insured (again with a refundable fee) totaling in $1900. We did not provide the money, the dogs were never flown and we weren’t contacted again. This is a fake business that is designed to trick people into thinking that they’re purchasing a pet and will be reimbursed their money upon delivery for a "last minute charge". There never was an airline given with who the dogs were going to fly with, and we weren’t able to call and verify if they were stuck while going through a boarding process. The creator of this website was the individual who initially posted the ad to craigslist, and lured us with reassuring e-mails, photos of the dogs, as well as "playing hard to get" in order for us to show that we were invested.Berry Clinton is the name given with the address: 2714 Grand Falls Drive Kingwood, TX 77345 Phone number provided is 281-789-8652Craigslist ad is flagged marked for deletion when I sent the link to a friend to look over it.The man with the Amarex company had a thick accent that sounded British or English, when he spoke to me he referred to me as madam, not ma’am or miss. When I called the personal phone number that was provided by Berry Clinton a man answered as Tony. When I asked what his name was again he replied his name was Anthony and that this was his wife’s phone, and he would call me back. It was the same man with the Amarex company who answered Berry Clinton’s phone number, his voice was very distinctive with the accent and referring to me as madam.