Amarr Garage door co is shady. They lie and get you to spend money in subcontractors to make the garage door “standard size”” and the lie over and over again about the types of doors you can get until you are finally left with just a singel color door with no design at all. BEWARE. Run the other way. I have always been impressed with Costco and theit services as a 20 year executive member but after this episode not any more. I had an old garage with wooden carriage doors in need of replacement. I used cost o due to prior experience with costco services. The Amarr rep lied and misrepresented the door I could choose from over aNd over again until I was left with a choice of door colors and that’s it. I ended up using Clopay doors and getting a beautiful door with a carriage design and two colors. However

not before I was out 1000 dollars for a deposit with a contractor to make my door a standard size due to what the Amarr sales rep told me I had to do before I could get the door I wanted. After I gave my deposit to a subcontractor to standardize the size of my door my choices of doors kept getting smaller and smaller (at least 3 different times I was told doors were available only to find out later I could not get that particular door due to the size of door I needed. Until finally I was left with a one color door of the simplist design. Had I been told up front that this was going to be my ultimate choice I would not have used Amarr. However I was deliberately misled and it led to my losing 1000 for a deposit to a sub that I never used because Clopay was able to do everything

including resizing the door frame and getting me any of the frames they offered in any color scheme they offered. NEVER use Amarr. They will lie to you over and over again in order to trap you into buying a substandard door from them.”

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