I noticed a new voicemail on my phone this morning (September 19, 2018) from an unknown number. I never answer if someone calls me from an unknown number. The voicemail starts with a lady introducing herself as Sarah with AmazonCash.co a nonprofit recruitment firm (which I wasn’t able to find on Charity Navigator). Sarah says she saw my resume online (I don’t have an online resume) and she is calling about an online opportunity working with Amazon. Sarah explains that I will be listing products and posting reviews online in my spare time. Hourly pay ranges from $17 to $32 an hour. Sarah says they are currently hiring 23 people this month and to please register and AmazonCash.co (which she repeats). It doesn’t sound like a robocall or someone from a foreign country. It sounds like someone from Minnesota or Chicago based on Sarah’s accent. It did not visit the website, and tried to find out information about AmazonCash.co. There were a few articles that talked about a scam with Amazon Cash, but I’m not sure if they were referencing the same thing. The articles referenced a news article on what appears to be a legit site, but it’s not.