In June 2016 I was having a problem with my Kindle Fire. I went to Amazon help and in the process of fixing one problem the agent deleted my music library, a total of 45 albums. I have since been trying to get it replace by Amazon. I have contacted over 15 agents with no result. Each agent will be unable to solve the problem and will tell me he or she is going to transfer me to a “specialist””. The next agent will do exactly as the previous agent and then will tell me that he is going to transfer me to a specialist. This happens over and over. When try to contact by phone – and you must call Amazon if you are not in the U.S you will get a call service where you are unable to understand the person from Amazon. These operators are speaking english althought their accent makes them impossible to understand. Sometimes you will get an agent who will tell you that they will forward to a technical department and they will contact me within 2-3 days. You never get a reply and when you do it is just back to the help link where you started. I have heard excuse from – you have to be physically present in the U.S. for them to be able to send music

although they had no qualms about selling their product overseas. I am trying to warn customers of Amazon about the hazards of using their help agents who are contracted out to whoever

and then the battle of trying to contact anyone with the company who will actually help. They just want to sell and take your money and then forget about you. Randy