Complaint: I have tried Amazon Prime a few times before, with mixed results. I am using this service again and I can truely say that this program is a rip off. The only way this feature would work as advertised would be if Amazon and their delivery services worked 27/7. I ordered some items from Amazon on 12 March 2018, on a two day prime delivery. A few days later I had not received my package, so I went on the Amazon web site to track my shipment. I am really shocked to see that my package was shipped from Columbia, SC, headed for Olympia, Wa. and it is being shipped Fedex Ground. Now I contact Fedex to check on the status of my package and they tell me that they tried to deliver my package but the business was closed because of the holiday. I ask what holiday and what business as my mailing address is a private residence and it is the 15th of March 2018. I ask the Fedex agent if my package will be delivered on 16 March 2018 and she said no. I ask the Fedex agent were my package is right now and she tells me that it is in the Fedex Distribution Facility in Lacey, wa. I ask her if I can pick up my package on 17 March 2018, Saturday at this facility and she said yes, between 9 am and 1 pm . I drive 60 miles one way from were I live to this Fedex Facility. I go into the office and give the agent my tracking numbers. It takes her awhile to find my information. She then procedes to tell me that my package is locked up in a shipping container. I told her what the customer service person had told me and she just said to bad. I can say I was just a little pit past being angry and pissed off. I went home really wanting to put the bad mouth on Fedex, but when I got home and thought about this whole screw up, I realized that both Amazon and Fedex are to blame in this process, Amazon for promising two day delivery to anywhere and Fedex for taking a package delivery from Columbia, SC to Olympia, Wa on Fedex Ground, which just happens to be 2,827 miles. I will be canceling my Amazon Prime account and I can assure you that I will not have anything good to say about Fedex for a long time.

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Address: United States