I received a text message from a Grace Johnson, claiming to be with America Pay, americapayloan.ml/that I was approved for a loan. I thought it was strange that I was a part of a group text message that included about 19 people in it. I google to see the extension of the web .ml is from, it is a domain for the country of Mali. My curiosity got me to call that number, 508-844-4938 (New York) When I called, there was no answer, a voice automated came on and said, "A google voice subscriber is not available." The lady called me back and was very quick to say that my loan is approved and they would send my loan agreement to my email. I asked about esignatures and verification, she said they would text me with a chase verification and provide that code to her. Surely enough I did, but felt uneasy so I changed my password. Now another person called me with ID of James Watson and a phone number 512-763-7549 (Austin, Tx)I did not answer so Grace Johnson called me and stated that her manager tried to call me to complete the application. I called Grace back and she said that her manager will call me right away. I asked her what is his name, her response was James Anderson. Now that I’m on the phone with him, I asked about company locations and headquarters. He claims they have more than 200 stores but their website did not list any. I asked him why are you guys calling me from 3 different phone numbers and asked for his name. I said why your name ID is showing as James Watson instead of James Anderson. His response was "oh."Now he asked me to complete the application, and asked if I had changed my username and password of my account. I made it clear to him that I’ve never been asked for username and password, only through ebank verification. He claims that I could change my username and password once funds are deposited into my account the next day. I also mention on how can I make full payments since there’s no login of username and password on their site, he said the username and password will be in the email, and that I could call his number at512-763-7549 (Austin Tx) Also, I asked why would I call him in Tx to make a full payment and not the headquarter in New York, how can there not be a lan line? He said they will have them in NY to call him and make the full payment. I asked to speak to another manager or employee. there’s no one else there, that he’s by himself in a cabin; his office is his cabin. By now, I said to him, what kind of office where you have no other employees or manager in the building, headquarter. In the end, I told him this is a scam and ended the call.