American 1st Funding ,Inc. Richard Mancuso Stole my vehicle, breeched contract 3308 route 940 Suite 155 Mt. Pocono pennsylvania!!. we were looking to lease our vehicle, unable to upkeep the loan. Richard Mancuso contacted us and presented himself as a ligitamite company that can help take over the loaN, make timely payments, save our credit. We have a contract in our pocession. Unfortunately, the vehicle was loaned to a lesee and repossessed. The leasee is out, we are out, credit is ruined. and We are not going to let this rest, I would like to join a class action SUIT against this person, he has disconnected all his phone numbers, he lies about everything right down to saying the truck was insured,he leased to an individual saying it was insured and it was not. The person leasing the vehicle could not get a hold of him…. VEHICLE WAS TOWED AWAY. RICHARD MANCUSO IS A THIEF, A LIAR , A CON ARTIST DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM RUN,RUN RUN, I AM LOOKING FOR OTHER VICTIMS TO FILE AN ACTION SUIT AGAINST HIM. TO PUT AN END TO HIS CORRUPT WAYS……..

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