Complaint: My car broke down and it was my only means of transportation. I am a single mother with a very limited income and terrible credit because of the man I recently divorced. I cannot buy a car until I have the money to pay cash for it, so I decided to rent a car for the month I would have to wait until I had the cash to buy something else. I did a little research before i rented from the company I chose and ended up choosing them because they had very reasonable rates and Greg, the owner, promised me my credit card would not be charged until I returned the car. There were companies with even chaeper rates who I chose not to rent from beacuse they wanted all of the money up front and, being a single mother living on a budget, I could not afford at the time. If I could have afforded to pay up front, I would have just bought the car I was planning to buy in the first place and figured out another way to make sure my 2 year old son has something to eat. So American Car & Truck Rental charged my card, which withdrew the money from my checking account after saying they would not. When I went to the grocery store to buy groceries, my bank card was declined and I had no idea why. when i checked with my bank, they said the charge for rental car had been put through and because of it, I had accumulated over $300 in bank fees for the non-sufficient funds charges. When I called American Car & Truck rental to explain their mistake, they refused to do anything to remedy the situation, saying it was an oversight on my part. I would not have rented a car from this “Rent a Wreck”” company had I known they were going to rip me off this way and I highly recommend that you do not either. If you are ever rentling a car long term

Tags: Auto Rentals

Address: do not take the scum-bag behind the counter’s word that your account will not be charged until you bring the vehicle back

Website: 5550 W. Colfax Avenue Denver, Colorado U.S.A.

Phone: unless he presents something in writing. Lara Highlands Ranch