I special ordered carpet at my local Home Depot in Auburn MA 2 months ago. One month after install i noticed a seem that was lifting and pulling apart. The seem was located in a high traffic area near a bathroom, starcase and childs bedroom. When this carpet was orderd the sales associate at Deopt told me the second floor was less than 12′ deep and would be one piece with no seems and that is what i paid for and that is what sold me on the job, 1 piece. However thats not what the American Carpet South installers decided to do. Depot orderes the special order carpet and sends it to the local shop of the installers, in my case it was Springfield MA. Once the carpet arrives American Carpet South then chops the carpet up to “fit” the room easier and for a quicker installition. They paid no attention to my special request to not have a seem and put a seem in anyway. A month later the seem was lifting and snages were noticed when cleaning. I called and complained to Depot and after 3 weeks of voice mails and complaining they agreed to re-do the entire second floor end to end 1 piece, so i thought. The day they arrived they again had 2 pieces of carpet which is not what i wanted. I immediatly called Depot to let them know if the mistake, again, the installers from ACS speak no engligh so talking to them was useless. 30 minutes later Depot management called to tell me there was no way a single piece of carpet could be installed on the second floor (i have 2 other quotes from Lowes and a carpet contractor with 1 piece and is do-able) So now i am back to square 1 with another seem almost in the same spot. The manager at Depot told me this happens all the time, the installars show up and install it how they want and not how it was sold, A major disconnect in my opinion and im sure it hurts Depots sales and reputation. I complained enough that Depot took off my bill. Not what i wanted but somethig is better than nothing. We will see if the reworked seem holds up. Stay tuned and stay away from Depot carpet and their hack installers.


Name: American Carpet South, Inc.

Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Passaic

Address: 347 Broadway

Phone: 800-331-1983

Website: www.acsouth.com/