We learned a very valuable and expensive lesson when dealing with this company. We believed because they had been in business for may years that they were reliable and we were horribly wrong! The disorganization and lack of documentation is astounding. There is no paperwork to back up either side of this story, so here is my side: | April: Came out and did an estimate, told us project could be completed in June | June: Gave a $4000 deposit and waited for updates; were told they’d do the work the beginning of July | July: Had to make several phone calls to ensure we were going forward | August: Arrived on the 26th to begin demolition of exisisting countertops and backsplash | When I arrived home, I immediately asked Duc to call me because I had ordered an 8 ft by 4 ft quartz island and was staring at an 8 ft by 3 ft quartz island with one rectangular corner (like I had requested) and three rounded (almost oval corners). When confronted with this, Duc refused to admit that he had taken liberties without discussing them with me and would not replace the island. He told me that we could split the cost of a new one and I refused because he was the one who had made the mistake and he should be responsible for replacing it. | The next day when he came to complete the backsplash, he was missing one whole type of tile! At this point we asked him to leave until we could figure out what to do next. | We asked for invoices and costs but he just told us what they were without providing proof. We are honest people, so we sent him a check for an additional $4, 395 that he said we owed for the products, but now I have an island I hate and no backsplash. | Save your money and go with a reputable business who will stand by their workmanship and provide you with accurate invoices along the way!


Name: American Countertop Experts

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: Lebanon

Address: 2218 Cumberland St #1

Phone: 717-279-7100

Website: www.americancountertopexpertsinc.com/