Not giving my money back


My Complaint: My fiance’ and I tried to get a loan for $2,000 to pay rent and other things and the payments was going to be $150 a month so we said ok so we had to show him the $150 to make sure we can make the payments and he said we will get the $150 back so we gave him the $150 through the green dot card and then he turns around and says we had to pay $230 because of my bad credit so we gave him the $230 through another green dot card so he could give us the pin because he sent the money to the western union he told us all we had to do was give the western union the pin number then we would get the money so we go to the western union and fill out the app and take it to the counter they said the money is not there then we call the guy back and told him then he gonna say we have to pay an additional $300 and we are like no. He should have told us the first time around we didn’t know that then we asked if we can have our $230 back but he said no he can’t refund it because the application is already processed then we told him we will just cancel our application he said it will cost $84 or $87 to cancel ithe said he will take it out the $150 and we will get a refund of $62 back by check.


My Demand: ALL money back