Complaint: Promises that they will supply you pre-made home building wall sections and trusses to allow you to build a home for less than the cost of stick building on-site. Requires a $6,000 cashiers check deposit up front with high pressure closing tactics and very polished presentation then marks up your first purchase quote beyond reasonable cost and eliminates your ability to buy from them and make any kind of business profit. In essence they are stealing your $6,000 knowing that you will probably never be able to recover it or buy anything from them in order to regain your initial investment. Total RipOff! Beware and avoid doing business witht them at all and you will save yourself $6,000 on your next build. In reality, I have spoken to other home builders who say that there are only problems with pre-built wall sections and delivery costs totally outweigh any potential savings of having lumber delivered onsite and hiring framers to build your walls onsite rather than in a factory assembly line. This company is only a middle man or broker for the factory who builds wall sections and trusses and with their ridiculous markup they are the only ones who will make money even if you do end up placing an order. If you never place an order, they just keep your $6,000 deposit that they muscled out of you to begin with and wait for the next sucker.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 2303 Lane St Kannapolis, North Carolina USA


Phone: (704) 938-7868