Door to door sales person catches me underneath my car. Ends up getting a signiture from my daughter, telling her “your dad said it was ok.”” nSales person calls me and tells me all about how they are offering a “”Marketing”” promotion in my area and then goes through a list of items – do you live by a school or park. Do you live on a corner

how long have you lived in your neighborhood etc. Can you believe it — I was exactly the type of home owner they are looking for in their marketing promotion. In fact I will probably qualify for the most marketing money possible. nThen

she wants to know information about who lives in the home. Do I have a wife that lives with me

what her name is and then she wants to schedule a time when both her and I will be home toghter? nMy experience is that when they require both of you togehter — 1) the product doesn’t sell itself 2) it’s an emotional appeal and they want the wife’s emotions to play a part and 3) it’s not worth your time ….. ever!!!!!! nThink of (Timeshares & Vacuum sales) High Pressure / buy now etc. nAfter only a min. of research here’s what I found: n nExactly what I thought. When you have to use high pressure

get it now marketing schemes to sell basic products — something is just plain wrong!”