Complaint: I was T-boned by a driver that was insured by American Family Insurance. Me and my 9 year old boy were in the car (2004) Honda Accord. The driver was cited for speeding and failure to yield the right of way at an uncontrolled intersection. I wasn’t cited. The police came and took down the accident report and told me that it was a clear cut accident. He was at fault and his insurance would have to pay for it. Well, American Family Insurance of La crosse is only willing to give me a 60-40 buy out of my vehicle. $4300! Last week the accident adjuster called me and said they would give me $7700 which I was willing to accept. Now, the accident investigator calls me and says I did nothing to avoid the accident and I was inatentive at the wheel. Really? with my 9 year old in the car. Not! In any case, after doing some research, American Family acrosse the nation practices this 60-40 rule instead of taking responsibility for paying out damages to a victim like myself that cannot just go out and finance a new car. Even if I could, They still take there monthly premiums and run and don’t want to pay out what they owe to innocent victims…..On top of which, my son and I were injured and they are now trying to minimize that and don’t want to pay out medical damages. They also won’t pay car rental until I find a car or storage cost for my totaled car. Did I mention that if the other driver would have hit me a second later, I would be dead! DO NOT USE AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE!!

Tags: Motor Vehicle Division

Address: La crosse, Wisconsin USA