About the second week of March I purchased a three piece king bed set, and a two piece full set. I paid in full by check. nAt that time I was told that the delivery fee was only $70nIt was to be delivered on April 1. I was told to call a couple days in advance to confirm my address. nI called, they told me my things had already been delivered to me. After arguing for about an hour I was told that there was a mix up in the system, but we still don’t have your bed. nI asked for my money back, they told there are no refunds; but we can do is give you a bed that we do have in stock that is $100 cheaper and the corporate office will mail you a check for the difference, and give the mattress’ a free Scotch Guard for your Inconvience nThe delivery fee was $85 not the $70 printed on my receipt, the King mattress was less than knew and I still haven’t received a check from their Corporate Office. I was told all complaints are handled at that store there is no customer service. nIf any who can help let me know!!!!! nJamesnFlorance, KentuckyU.S.A.

Maulhouser Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.


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