Complaint: This Insurance Company American General Life & Accident Insurance Company headquartered in Nasville, Tn. has engaged in unfair and bad faith business practices by going along with others hiding the fact that I was ever the beneficiay on any insurance policies and this has been going on for years. They have completely ignored thier responsibility in this matter knowing darn good and well they have the power to prevent me from getting justice in this matter. I will briefly tell my story about how this all got started. I was frauded out of two life insurance policies. The first one I was frauded out of by the deseased family members, the agent and a lady that he worked with. This happen by them getting a change of beneficiary form sent in just four days before he passed away when he was not of sound mind. He was home from the hospital all medicated up and was cohersed. I know this because the deseased had informed me that he was leaving me as the beneficiary on the policies. Further this lady that witnessed the form had called me two weeks before he died and told me that I was welcome to come and see him but he would not know who I was. Then this form was sent in illegally four days before. it was like she was pumping me for information. But I did not volunteer any thing because it was none of her business. Any way the company went ahead and paid that claim out knowing I was the beneficiary and had made claims with them and the agent just four days before he passed. They did this a month after he passed because of listening to the all the judgement of I know the agent is involved because of the way he treated me two months after the fact. This man treated me not even like a person he kept asking I want to know what you know. He kept saying you can get four or fivee attorneys it will just cost you a bunch of money. And if can be believed this grown man statrted cracking up laughing. And guess what the company then lied about him being the selling agent. Along with denying that I was ever beneficiary on any policies what so ever. Then there was another policy that I was the beneficiary on and was frauded out of. This was done by someone that the deseased tried to trust with the policies. This man would not even known the deseased if it wasn’t for me. It was the worst mistake the deseased could of done but he knew that I was in love with him at the time. And he thought it was the right thing to do. Anyway this man with held this information from me by not speaking up in the beginning. He chose to keep quite about what had happened with the first policy and then started his plan. I know this because of all that was being said and what the agent had told me when I called him four days after the man died and was making a claim. The agent said then that some man had called him 20 minutes before I had. I started to hear things like we are not going to conspire against you Cindy and that agent did not force that company to write that check on the other policy. So I defended him for a while untill I got wise to what was going on. I started to hear things like Keith wishes he would of given the policies to you Cindy. Things like would you agree to have a checking account with him. His family was putting people up to saying these things to me and much more like if you continue to defend Keith Cindy his attorney will help you. Even things like it was Keith’s attorney who forged your name to relieve your mind of your mother. Just got wise to the manupulation. Finally after the company lying that I was the beneficiary on any policies, the state not doing anything after being interrogated by the investigator I had hired who told me that maybe they thought you was a gold digger and was going to share that money with Keith. Finally after trying with the company to get something done the state and other agencies a year later I contacted a man with Met Life that giveme the proof I was the beneficiary on at least one poliecy for three hundred thousand. This man was talking with some at the company who said all the proper claim forms would be sent out to get me paid. But this never happened. Then this same man called me two months later to ask me what happened. I told him nothing of course and he said that the policy that the company claimed paid out for fifteen thousand was for one hundred thousand. A investigator that I was working with told me that someone from the company must of puy him up to telling me that to see if I would settle for four hundred thousand to relieve the company of a law suite and having to recover some of thier money. And I would of at that time. This was the policy that Keith was involved in trying to get me frauded out of with some of my family’s help. They all had a plan to get the company to go along with this and keep it dragging out. And guess what it worked. I was even being told if the company thinks they have enough people on thier side they will get away with this. So I started consistently getting with state and local goverment officials. Then after this man from Met Life give this information if can be believed the company said there is no way he did it. Later I got with the state represenative in Ohio whom wrote a letter to the state saying it was ludicrious how this company could get away with claiming thier file was lost. Told me we need to get someone to subpoena those records to prove the company wrote Keith a check on that secound policy. So I got with a lady at legal aid who agreed to file a discovery action to get the policies. Needless to say she ends up turning on me after telling me this is a six million dollar case not a six hundred thousand dollar one and then lied about telling me that, not only that but told me she did not appreciate me telling people she was representing me. By that time Keith knew of everyone I was talking to and I am sure was involved in this. But guess what happens the company gets by with not sending the courts the policies. By that time we had Keith’s attorney involved who knew the judge and I was screwed. The next step was the state promising to file a law suite because of a internal phone log I had obtained that caught the company in a lie about the file being lost. This never happened. It seem to be a never ending thing of people standing in the way of me getting no justice. I even contacted a coupleof years later the same man at the state who was involved in agreeing to file suite against the company the chief of enforsement division. All he could do was blame the investigators I had hired for taking advantage of me. Totally neglecting the fact that the state was obligated by law. This is just the beginning of all of this. God knows I have been through so much all these years contacting so many people, it is current affair material. I even had an attorney tell me years ago this was something for current affair. I have had attorney’s tell me this was a ten million dollar case depending how long you wanted to waite. And I can’t even begin to tell here what all has taken place, I am just trying to give some basic facts that got it all started. I can prove through documents how many times I have contacted. I can prove that I was the beneficiary with documents. One is a internal phone log from the company stating Cindy Naething was beneficiary date in to whom it was changed. I think I obtained that one time through an attorney who did not follow up with. But of course the company has lied about me ever being beneficiary. I have a page of investigators report stating you where beneficiary at one time but had been removed and the only way the company would talk would be with a court order. because you had called and caused to much trouble. In which everyone knows it was not me. I have a tape recording of this man from Met Life proving that I was beneficiary on a policy for three hundred thousand and all. I have an investigator recorded that give me the same information, he even had invoice numbers and all. I have another investigator telling me that we where working toward a fraud case and that was one thing we had on our side that I was the beneficiary and didn’t want anyone to know what our plan of attach was. i recorded the lady from the company denying I was ever the beneficiary and even lying about what the man from Met Life told me. I have recorded the lady from the company lying and saying no information could be found in thier computer. Then the man from the state of Tn. telling me the only thing left in thier computer now is a policy was paid a year and half after death. Even the investigator telling me that they had blocked out thier computers. I also have recorded the lady from the state of Ohio promising to file a law suite and then later turning around and having the nerve to say we have done everything we could for you Cindy. This insurance company has engaged in all of this all these years. Since I have been here in Tn for over five years now because the company is headquartered in Tn. God as my witness how hard I have tried to communicate with them to get this settled up showing my sincerity. I have went to the ultimate extreme with them but they are not lying now about me being the beneficiary but are using the courts as an excuse. Knowing darn well why they got by with not sending the documents to the courts. With all the people that where involved back there in Ohio. Then they known darn well why I have been denied my due process of law. I have to womder how they sleep at night knowing they have never provided these policies to anyone. So far I have not been able to get my story told through the media in which is my last resort. This company has forced me to go to every extreme into getting attention over this. And it can all be proven. I hope I have provided enough information and not to much because I had to get some facts told.

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