I have been attempting to contact the American gun association regarding charges made to my credit card . The first phone number on my credit card was 5127824624. This number rang thru and on each option dialed, said “goodbye”. The 2nd number was 5123663332 which gave you the same options as the first one . | I attempted to send them an e-mail 3 times at support.americangunassociation.com and it was undeliverable each time. I then contacted my credit card company after the 3rd charge was put on my account. and they stated that they would investigate and get back to me. In the meantime, I had to cancel the card and notify all my regular draws of the new czrd number. | This company is an obvious rip off and intent on only getting your card number and charging as much as it can til you stop it then they move to another number and start back up again. Internet users, beware!


Name: American Gun Association

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Austin

Address: 4330 Gaines Ranch loop. Suite 120


Website: gunassociation.org/