Signed up for a Pick 10 policy for $611 to cover all major appliaces in April 2014. Yesterday the water heater tank breaks and floods my basement. The shut-off valve to the heater breaks and water keeps flowing. I shut the main to the house and cap the water inlet to the heater so that I can restore water to the rest of the house. After two more hours cleaning up the basement I go online to report the problem to AHS. A tech is scheduled for the next day. When the tech comes he says that he cannot report to AHS because the water input pipe has been capped. I call AHS and they say that they can’t cover the damaged appliance because the imput pipe was capped. So, according to them I was not supposed to touch the system and was supposed to stay without water for two days until it was convenient for their tech to show up! This is a total ripoff. It is clear AHS works with incompetent techs to dream up idiotic excuses not to honor claims and ripoff consumers.

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