I am so upset that I wasted so much money on this scam. I have been a customer for 4 years and had to place my first service call on Friday. Our hot water heater broke (it is 12 years old). I submitted a claim over the phone and asked for it to be expedited since we have a finished basement and I have an 11 month old baby. She told me she couldn’t guarantee when the technician would be able to come but I would receive their contact information in an email. I called the technician as soon as I received the phone number. I called twice on Friday and twice on Saturday morning, leaving voicemails that were never returned. I called AHS to complain and the rep “changed the request to expedited”” since with the regular claim filed on Friday

the technician had 48 hours to respond – not including weekends – unreal. Meanwhile

water continued to leak all over our basement. The plumber did show up to my house and I informed him that I would be doing the “”cash out”” option because we wanted to upgrade to a different hot water heater. I received a call from AHS last night notifying me that the 12 year old hot water heater breaking was not covered because the technician claimed the leak was due to calcium and sediment buildup. He apparently missed the separated seam on the unit (pictures to come) and ignored the life expectancy of the unit (12 years). So I’m wondering if he was just mad that we were going to cash out instead of using him for the job or how much they pay the technicians to diagnose the problem as something that is conveniently not covered by any of theirplans.”

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