The owner of this company waited until my boat was en route before calling to inform me of the need for the pole car and an additional $2000 charge. When I informed him that I felt his action was unprofessional, hex became angry and indicated if I wanted my boat, I would need to pay the additional charge. | My response was, “Based on the fact that you have my boat, I seem to have no other choice.” He had every opportunity to inform me about the need for a pole car and the required fees before he departed with my boat but he chose to wait until the boat was on the road where he knew I would have little choice but to agree to the charges. | I had no recourse at that juncture other than to risk having my boat left on the side of the road in Florida. I’d highly encourage anyone considering this company to look elsewhere.


Name: American Marine Transport, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Michigan

City: Harrison Charter Township


Phone: (586) 789-0688