Do not utilize this company.They made themselves seem professional and friendly a week before my move insuring that we would be expecting them at 8am. That time changed to 10am, to 12:30pm, to 3:30pm, and eventually to 6pm. I have never heard of someone constantly changing a time like that! We were very concerned, and had new tenants that already booked their U-Haul expecting us to be out of the premises long before 6pm. Also, who starts moving at 6pm? It takes hours to move a 2 bedroom / 2 bath unit! Different people called me and did not provide a name. Just apologies from different phone numbers starting with 773 or 224 phone numbers. Why does it keep changing every time? That also makes no sense. 224-534-7305 is another number to look out for. They should be put out of business and reported for how they treat people with misinformation. I kept getting different stories as to why they were not showing up at their original time. It was a highly stressful situation that should not have happened at all. I prefer clear answers. If they were overbooked that weekend then I wanted to hear that from them, not excuses. Hopefully with more reports their numbers will be taken down and no one will go through what I went through. Businesses should be clear as to what their intent is. They were not.