I would like to say first off…WE ALL HAVE TO STOP PURCHASING ANIMALS!! Especially from PET STORES! There are millions suffering day to day in cages their whole life, so we can take the cute puppy in the window home.nI too was scammed at this store. I have completely learned my lesson. nIt all started on a Sunday morning last July when we took a ride down to the store to see a “goldendoodle”” at American puppy club. From the time you walk in you are completley being scammed. There are a bunch of women (I would love to say witches) listening to every word you say

hiding behind the little cubicals. They take the puppies from the cages and place them with you. After about 2 minutes they come over and say “”so

are you ready to take him home”” Of course they know your falling for this cute little puppy..so you ask “” whats is the price”” nThe first price was 2800$. We said..””no way”” That is ridiculous. So after about 8 times of her going into the back room she came down to 800$. I asked her numerous times..””where do these puppies come from”” WHAT A LIE!!! They donot come from “” breeders”” They came from PUPPY MILLS where they are thousands of dogs living in deplorable conditions. nTo make matters worse

my sales person shows me a book on all the other pet stores in the area that get their dogs from puppy mills. After we set a price i asked her why his nose had been running so much. She responded with “”its normal”” but we have to keep him here for a couple of days. nWell

turns out he had kennel cough. I was so upset that I couldn’t tak e this poor baby home with me and give him the love and care he needed. After 2 weeks of me calling everyday to see how he was doing they finally let us take him home. He is a very good dog although he is very food agressive. nJstar714nmorris plains