“Reader’s Digest Scam, Goodbye”


My Complaint: The party specified claimed to have been sending me magazines since 2011 using a Discover Card that had been cancelled more than a year ago and told me their company was called “American Readers’ Choice.” The caller told me that the company had been sending me magazines since 2011 and that I was under obligation to pay $35 per month for the next 24 months. I have in fact been receiving magazines for a while from a different company of which I did not recall the name. I asked him to repeat the company’s name and then looked it up on Google with no company specifically identified available in the first ten choices. Then he told me that I would be sent to collections if i did not pay and that I must pay a $35 fee if I want to cancel the magazines. I then told him I wanted to file a complaint and he transferred me to his “supervisor.” The “supervisor” sounded like the same person with a slightly higher pitched voice and he said that I just spoke with his associate. He then said that I will need to pay the cancellation fee first and that his “supervisor” would then handle the complaint. He then began a series of questions that I did not answer as he specified and prior to the questions he said that if I did not say the correct thing, then he would start over. Even though the questions were not answered as he said, the process completed anyway and then instead of him transferring me to the second “supervisor,” he hung up. I immediately called the phone number back and it went to a voicemail using the words, “Readers’ Digest Scam, Goodbye.” Then it beeped. I immediately called my credit card company to report the fraud and cancel my card so that no more payments can be made and then filed this complaint.


My Demand: $35 Refund and Close report the scam identified on the message machine to the proper authorities