AMERICAN RECOVERY SERVICE THEY SUBCONTRACT THE REPOSSESSION OF MY VEHICHLE. PERSONAL ITEMS STOLEN. EL DORADO CA!!. In November 2014, ARS contracted with Thomas Recovery Service in Fredericksburg, VA, to reposses my car. Upon repossession, the towing company is supposed to retrieve all personal belonging from the car and storage for pickup. When I picked up my property and inventoried it, I found that there were items missing. I contacted ARS about this and was told to file a claim. I filed a claim and 2 months later the VP of Loss Mitigation contacted me and stated that they were not responsible for what was missing from my car. What was missing/damaged were my residential parking pass, work parking pass, car jack and wrench, shoes, and a damaged gear shifter cover. I went to the dealer to price the car items and presented to ARS. Their response was that they were not liable. There reason being that the towing company said that nothing was missing. What else do you think they would say…they are trying to cover themselves. Now this company wnat me to pay for the parking pass out of my pocket then have me send them the receipt for reimbursement. This company is a big ripoff. THey are repossessing cars and personal property is gettig stolen by the subcontract towing companies that are hired by ARS. This is unacceptable. When a claim is submitted to ARS for losses, they simple deny the claim or give such a low ball number that it is insulting. THis has got to STOP ….the lack of taking responsibility by ARS, Santander, and Towing companies. and also the stealing by the towing companies and the auction places.

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