Apparently they do this all the time. nPick up the load, then disappear for 10 days.nReappeared 10 days later and called for delivery the next day.n Was so happy that I paid the money they demanded, $2788,nbased on the weight from the public scale receipt of 4710 pounds. nThis was a small load with 15 small/medium boxes, 15 picture boxes (mostly posters), 7 big pieces of dining room furniture, and 15 small little pieces. I estimated the load at 2000-2200 pounds by weighing some of the things before they were shipped. nAfter being told they weighed 4710, I was suspicious (but not suspicious enough to refuse delivery and risk not getting my stuff) so I bought myself a scale and weighed everything.nActual weight was 1775. I should have known better. nUsing a conservative (high) estimate. n15 boxes couldn’t be more than 40 pounds each = 600 lbsn15 picture boxes not more than 20 pounds each = 300 lbsn15 small pieces of furniture at 20 pounds each = 300 lbsnTotal of 1200. nTo get to their number of 4710, each of the 7 big pieces would have to weigh over 500 pounds each. nSo I paid them almost $2,000 more than I should have.nThe driver lied through his teeth when he gave me the weight ticket.nAfter weighing the truck in the morning, he picked up several loads (not just mine) and went back and reweighed the truck. Gave me the weigh ticket for all the loads. nApparently this is the regular way these guys do business.

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