Went to work for ARS in Orlando, they are affiliated with Home Depot in the Orlando area and looking to ripoff Home Depot Customers and anybody else they can. Their prices are 3 times more than competitors in the Orlando area and they are very dishonest, trying to sell AC units for 10-12 thousand when you can get it elsewhere for 3-4 thousand. They claim they can charge more because they have the best trained techs but they have techs out there with 3 weeks training and call them journeymen installers. The Managers Bill Boyette and jackie Capozzi lie to prospective employees when they are hired and than 1/2 way through training state that they are only keeping 2 out of the 6 people they had hired, some of these guys had actually quit their other jobs based upon the lies told by Jackie Capozzi and Bill Boyette. Bill Boyette and Regional Manager Karl dropped F bombs in sales meetings and training and were very nasty with everyone in the training. They are both very dishonest and they run the facility in an extremely dysfunctional manner. They feel like they can just rip people off because of their relationship with Home depot, Do NOT do business with ARS or you’ll be paying 2-3 times to much and don’t go to work for them as they are lying no good lowlifes.

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