We paid American Shingle $3300 in May 2010 to put a new roof on our house. THey were supposed to come at the end of June 2010 to install the roof. I had a water leak meanwhile, so I called the sale person Val who came to my house in the first place and she said they would come and put a tarp on the roof. A week later I called again since no one showed up or called, she told me that the work order was never put in even though she had called their customer service and told them about my leak. She called again that same day saying they were on their way to my house that same evening but of course no one came. When I called her again, I was told that they mixed up two orders and they were on their way to another house! Few days later they finally came and put a tarp on. Mid June, the tarp came off on one side, but I didn’t bother calling them since they were supposed to come fix a roof 10 days later. However, a week before the scheduled date in June, they called to reschedule the date to the end of July 2010 due to some production shortage, so I called their customer service about the tarp! A lady answered but she said she would have to connect me to their other customer service about work orders, I was fourth in line and when my turn came, I got the voice message. I left them a message but called again and the lady answered me gain and told me they were busy with other customers and that’s why I got the voice message and she connected me again. Same thing happens again, Fifth in line then voice message. Next day, I called Val and complained, she said to not call them anymore and that she was my customer service, she finally got me someone to come fix the tarp the Friday before the July forth long weekend! Then a week before the July scheduled date, they called with a new date of end of August. So I called Val again asking her to cancel and get my check back as this was ridiculous and that I knew people I had told about the storm damage and had filed with their insurance after me and already had a new roof with another company! She was very understanding and said she told her manager and she was very unedrstanding that I had way too many incidents with them and that I would get my check back, BUT she was leaving to Bolivia that next Monday for a month of vacation and that she would send me her email just in case I needed help while she was away. I never got her email! I called a week later the customer service and they had no record of cancelation order and if I wanted to do that, they had to first mail me a package which I had to fill ou and get it notorized and mail it back to them then they would send back my check. When I asked how long would all this process take, they would not tell me, so I knew it was a lost battle and asked to have my date changed instead to be earlier, so he said I would get a phone call within 14 to 48 hours from the adjuster for the new date. I am still waiting for that phone call. Then I heard on the news what they’ve been doing and when I called I get the voice message that they are rellocatin and will be opening on Aug 16th (all their numbers all over the state have the same message) and when I called again yesterday Aug 16th, the voice message is still the same! I am planning on getting a lawyer and finding other people with the same issue to fight themn together!!! Stay away from American Shingle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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