American showroom trucks They stole our eighteen wheeler wrecked it then abandon it Westport Mississippi!!. Ok first off we are from Louisiana. We drove to Gulfport Mississippi with the intention of buying a eighteen wheelers. We arrived 8:00am as we where told. The person that was supposed to met us did not arrive until 8:30am. She did not meet with us . She did not get to us until about 9:30 am. Then we looked at a truck that my husband was interested in. Keep in mind she could not give us any price over the phone . we had to drive from Louisiana to Mississippi. We did have a trad in. Now the trad in stayed in Louisiana. After we decided on a price for the truck then and only then where they to pick up our truck. So we start the paper work still no price was told to us. We get to the last page and the price was there it was to be $700.00 a week. We said no way. Now they tell us they have already picked up our truck. We asked that they return it. They said they would leave it where it was. Witch was only about 20 miles form our home where they got the truck. So I said u took it you bring it back. They did refund our deposit. We left to return to Louisiana. My nabighor call me and tell us our truck is in the middle of the road. Yes they did return our truck but they wrecked it in to our trailer and left it in the middle of the road. We call them they say it’s not there responsibility. And I do have camra on my home so we have the whole thing recorded. Overall I give them a F- rating please stay away

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