American Tow Force Inc. Disrespectful Employees Pinellas Park Florida!!. My friend’s car got towed last night, and the employees scammed her out of $150 and were completely disrespectful to us on the phone about it. She parked in a tow zone which yes was her mistake. Bus as she was walking up to her car as it was being towed, he explained that it was $50 to have it dropped there or $150 at the tow lot. Someone from the restaurant we were at let her know there was an atm inside so she could go get the cash, but as she was about to walk to the atm, they sped off out of the parking lot with her car. She tried to call them to understand what just happened, and the man continually cursed at her on the phone, talking over her and hung up. We were forced to take an Uber there and charged her $150 to get her car back. This company was extremely disrespectful to all us involved by cursing at for no reason and scammed my friend out of a lot of money.

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