American Transmission Service Clay Dilsaver led me to believe I was getting high performace motor and rebuilt transmission didn’t get either and still cost 6300.00 Keller TX Texas!!. i went to american transmission because I wanted my motor and transmission rebuilt and thought they was on list of mechanics for Dallas wholesale auto parts. I was wrong. Clay Dilsaver is the one who I talked to and lied about quite a few things. Took my 2004 chevy silverado because rear main seal leaking and tranny slipping. Got a loan to rebuild motor, transmission ,front sway bar, leaf springs and driver seat. Talk to clay about upgrading motor with some high performance. He said oh! yeah can put flat top pistons,little more cam,port and polish the heads all for 1600.00. Tranny rebuild 1700.00. Add dual exhaust and headers for 250.00. plus everything else for 5100.00 dollars total. He needed a 1000.00 up front for parts. Gave it to him everything else went downhill from there. You see I thought he was apart of this wholesale club but wasn’t not his fault I clicked the wrong spot so didnt question the low prices. He even told me he wasn’t. This is the problem before i gave him the 1000.00 I said since i’m doing the motor how about doing rotors and brakes and what about a cold air intake and how about a better distributor /plus ignition coil. Asked him how much said he get back with me. i told him to hold off on lowering rear end couldn’t afford it but would be back later. He told me I needed a clutch assembly. this is hard to believe but told me he wouldn’t charge me for the clutch assembly because he was part owner and said i’m bringing quite a bit of work to him so he wouldn’t charge me. so because of that I said do rotors and brakes (I only needed the brakes but was getting stronger motor according to him about 400 horsepower). plus cold air intake and ignition coil. I come to see how things are going he had tranny out painted black, leaf springs done, sway bar done, motor is together with added parts. Then he lays the bomb on me couldn’t do the high performance just did a regular rebuild because to costly. plus said couldn’t do the headers. i said what did you do. well he said put a better cam shaft and lifters but basically used my old parts and new valve stem seals. thats not a rebuild. Plus cold air intake is useless don’t need it. don’t need dual exhuast. don’t need better ignition coil, didn’t need rotors. I based all this on the motor clay described to me i was getting even took me out in a 68 camaro he rebuilt. Plus tells he gave me new timing chain and cover which I told him in begining I replace that 2 years ago dont do it. Proceded to tell me i needed new water pump and brake master cylinder. Never called just did it. Had no issues with either one. Lowered the rear end which I told Him not to. said he didn’t hear me say that. Never got a receipt for the 1000.00 wouldn’t give me one never would give itemized quote tells me 5700.00 dollars so I came up to pay and said he didnt add everything right so I owed him 6300 and some dollars 36 i think. He had my truck for 5 weeks. drive it home and Tranny shifting hard and growling. Its at another shop. i had to get another loan for 2400.00 and 1300 from a relative thank the father for family. 3600 to redo clutch assembly and rebuild transmission. The manager said he has rebuilt 6 tranmissions for customers who went to him in this year maybe this month don’t remember. My motor is leaking oil. I believe fully he did everything that was a quick buck and ignored what i was there for the most. he could have made his money honestly and chose not to. I still dont have my truck back form other shop this makes week 7 as waiting on my loan to finalize. I never got any Itemize receipt till the end from clay it was for only 5300.00 motor and tranny wasn’t on there except rear main seal and the clutch assembly.The 1000.00 I guessed he pocketed it not sure. didn’t grind the fly wheel or do anything with hydraulics things you should do wihen changing a clutch plate . Oh yeah tried to charge me for a clutch pedal I replaced 6months earlier. he backed off when i told him i had the receipt. They scratched my truck the same side i had painted a year ago by gm someone side swiped me and insurance covered it. This all could be twisted by clay and I could look like the con artist but heres his problem I dont want anything from him. I don’t want anything to do with him. 1 yes I dont think I’ll win I signed the receipts I just wanted my truck back. 2. I would rather someone go in undercover. read all the negative things out there not positive ones there are so many victims out there. Once your vehicle is on the rack your at his mercy. Please check him out some one. He’s slick but everything upfront he can explain he’s been doing this a long time even has a childs charity, claims to be a christian. gets you to trust him ,tells you what you want to here but get this I’m 9900.00 in debt for a 3000.00 valued truck can’t even sell it to get some of my money back bank has title. Thanks clay.

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