America’s Best Trailers Alumalife Trailers Shoddy Products and Non-existent Customer Service Internet!!. For a brief period this company and owner may have had a stellar reputation but complaints seem to be mounting in recent months. There may be some unknown explanation but unfortunately you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube. Wish there had been more of complaints I’m now finding before I made my purchase. Here’s my story: I purchased a trailer from this company in late April. Looking for a new color matched trailer to go with my new bike on a 4K mile trip to Glacier National Park. The trailer was at least 2 weeks later than initially promised. Upon receipt the paint job was not only of poor quality but was not a match to the color of my motorcycle for which I paid extra. It did not include all necessary hardware to connect or other items which were to be included. I called the company (which you cannot reach directly as all calls goes th

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