I hang my head in shame. I always thought i was a smart person but i got wrapped up in this one. I paid my money, got my material. If i had stopped there it wouldn’t have been bad. But so much material to comprehend, i needed help, called for the coaching that kept coming to my e-mail. Sound good how can i loose, promises to reimburse after 6 deals. Bought the senders list, 800 number, business cards, special e-mail address and 1 year for a post office box. I meant business and i was ready to go. Sent the cards out $144 later. The majority was returned for bad address. Purchased the note generator. I couldn’t even print it from my printer it required a special program only printing companies have. | Started knocking on doors of attorneys, cpa’s, real estate brokers and realtors. Every one of them looked like i had lost my mind or i was from outer space. My speel was just like the coach had said. I got one bite…Come to find out he wanted a loan… Not sell a note. The 5th week, we are now talking about making the deal from the calls generated by the post cards and newsletters that doesn’t print. Wait a minute… I’m still trying to talk to these professionals that looks at me like i just walked out of the mental hospital and forgot to take my meds. | As if that wasn’t enough… I purchased the protege plan. Was going to denver 5 star hotel. Had to pay my flight & thousands of dollars later. Next day, i get this homework… Nothing telling me about talking to professionals. But i need to get ready to mail those newsletters and for a price russ dalbey will write them for me… Because he has the experience. | Well… My insanity finally left me. A wake up call finally rung those bells in my head… They are making all the money and all i’m getting is more bills. | I decided to stop everything. I purchased the first report on april the 11th. It’s may 17th now, so i’m sure they won’t want to refund. My winner circle membership with the trip to denver was charged out on may 11th. I have put in a request asking for a refund of both of those sessions. I didn’t ask for a refund of the note generator. Maybe i’ll do that tomorrow.


Name: Americas Note Network

Country: United States

State: Indiana

City: Fort Wayne

Address: 110 Northeast Dr.,

Phone: (260) 441-0141